The intention of Live Love: London and Beyond will firstly be to recommend the most exciting places to visit in London, a city in which I have lived as an adult for 12 years (and as a child for 6!). A city that I really love and know very well.

Extra to this will be general musings on life, travel in the UK and beyond (especially travel on a shoe string), swing dancing, yoga and anything health and wellness related. It is via social media that we are learning so much about the world and each other, and I want to share in that.

Thank you for visiting!


About me: I work as a OT in a London hospital. I live in Tottenham with my boyfriend and I really love the Victoria Line!

My main interests are dancing (swing and modern jive), running (10k run coming up!), yoga (though definitely a learner) learning Spanish ( I have a Spanish boyfriend and badly need to up my game, “learning” is open to definition at current!).

I also love sourcing the best cups of tea and tea shops in London (want the best places to go- hold tight for my forthcoming blog posts) and chin wagging with some of the best friends you could ever meet. I love travel, and would love to do more!

Would love to hear from you on any of the posts and what you think!

Thanks for reading!

Clare xx